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Hot or Not: Hannah Ware

08.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week was quiet when it came to the featured babe, Alexandra Shipp. Luckily for STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, the box office crowds weren't as shy, making it one of the biggest August openings for an R rated film. I imagine that there will be more people choosing to check out Jesse Eisenberg & KStew in AMERICAN ULTRA than those who will pay cash for HITMAN: AGENT 47, but that's the movie we're finding this week's babe in.

Hannah Ware

I recall Hannah making a brief bit of waves at the TCA panels from 2014, when she was doing press for her show at the time, "Betrayal." but that excitement was short lived as the show got canceled before it could truly take off. In fact, I don't remember it airing at all past its first or second episodes. It was easy to put Ware to the outta sight, outta mind mentality, sad to say.

There isn't a vast acting past of Hannah's that I can dredge from, other than saying that I've seen her scenes from "Boss" where she appears nude and the lady has a nice build on her. And while there are some of you persisting in trying to convince me to watch the Spike Lee version of OLDBOY, I'm still not sold in chancing my time on it.

There are a lot of other pictures of Hannah that you could look up on the web and I like that she changes it up from the glossy images for her work to her more casual red carpet style. She's one of those women who looks outstanding when they've polished her to a fine sheen but impressively beautiful when she's putting forward the bare minimum groundwork. I know little about her as an actress, so basing my opinion on her looks alone, I say hot.

What do you think of Hannah Ware?

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