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Hot or Not: Halston Sage

10.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week I thought everyone would have a chance to go see KNOCK KNOCK and its, according to you, very hot star Lorenza Izzo. However, I can't find any box office numbers for the film, which still states it had an October 9th release date for theaters as well as VOD. Guess scaring up people who would believe Keanu Reeves in a horror flick is harder than I thought. Selling GOOSEBUMPS is going to be a heck of a lot easier, between its built-in audience of grown-up '90's kids looking for a trip down nostalgia lane and one of its stars, whom I'm thinking you're going to like.

Halston Sage

She got her start on Nickelodeon, with a reoccurring role on "How to Rock," one of the lesser known offerings from the channel, who was banking on it being the next "Victorious." Still, Sage has had some good support, helping to move her from that kiddie drivel to a hot sorority girl role in NEIGHBORS and a hot high school girl role in PAPER TOWNS. The last book-to-screen adaptation didn't get as much love, but I'm guessing her hot high school girl role in GOOSEBUMPS will be a different tale.

I fear that Sage is going to have a hard time moving away from PG-13 fare for a bit. While she's 22-years old in real life, she can easily pass for the high school look that movies presume high schoolers look like. With the upcoming SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE on her horizon but not a reprisal of her role from NEIGHBORS for its sequel SORORITY RISING (from what the current cast stats stand at), we might be icked out by her barely-legal look.

I find Halston to be a really good looking, undeniably hot young woman (who reminds me a whole lot of Rachel McAdams in the best of ways). I thought she was charming enough in NEIGHBORS that she should have been granted an automatic role in the sequel. I'm hoping that she doesn't end up the hot-chick-on-the-side that so many movies are relegating good looking young women to. While GOOSEBUMPS is revisiting memories from the '90's, I'm hoping for a resurgence of the '80's, where the really hot girls were the lead characters, even at the expense of them being shallow and predictable.

What do you think of Halston Sage?

Source: IMDB


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