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Hot or Not: Haley Bennett

09.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to Renee Zellweger, a lot of people out there can be quite mean but you guys were fair and not particularly cruel when you expressed that the former glory that once was has been tarnished a bit by the plastic surgeries. The audiences weren't as kind, placing the third Bridget Jones movie in a middling position with a lackluster opening box office take. Then again, this hasn't been the most exciting year for film releases, with very few inspiring a huge reaction, although this week's release of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN generating some good buzz. After all, it does have Chris Pratt in it. And this lady as well.

Haley Bennett

First of all, I always feel obligated to mention whenever I have an actress in this column who has done some nudity. While Haley has mainly teased over her career, getting cheeky for Tyler Shields photoshoots and that goofy music video in MUSIC AND LYRICS, it was in Gregg Araki's sloppy KABOOM that got a bit of puffy nipple out of Haley. The only problem with that is the movie also featured the creepy Thomas Dekker and Haley was outshined by the always awesome (and far more freaky-deaky) Juno Temple. A valiant effort that went fell far too short.

I guess that's what I notice first when I see Bennett. She's a cute girl, definitely built in all the right ways, with all the appropriate boxes checked off on the desirable list. An adorable face, a body that's just enough soft while just enough curvy while not being too skinny, bright eyes and a luminescent smile. But still... she's also kinda plain in the way that so many other actresses have all of those things as well. So far, I haven't seen anything from Haley that sets her apart or makes her notable. Of course, that doesn't mean that Hollywood doesn't; From this week's release of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN to the highly anticipated adaption of the popular mystery novel THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, this little common flower is blooming big time.

I can't say that Haley Bennett isn't hot because she very easily is. In certain lights she's downright sparkling, like at the MET Gala in that dress that gave her the JLaw/Helen Mirren fine finish. And while I had a hard time sitting through HARDCORE HENRY (all of those high up stunts f*cked with my fear of heights), she was sublimely sexy during her screen time. As she comes into her own, with bigger, more high profile roles, I think Haley is only going to get hotter and distinguish herself more. Until then, she's hot but like a pizza - it's good but only because pizza's always good.

What do you think of Haley Bennett?

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