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Hot or Not: Gwyneth Paltrow

05.04.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I think that if I ever did a Hot or Not week on ScarJo, I'd be run out of town my fanboys waving their boners at me along the way. Hmm... is that a torch they could light, I wonder? At any rate, considering that the infamous Woody muse is in the banner of this column as being the Hot example, I figured we could hit up the other female star of the only movie worth watching this weekend, BABIES! um, IRON MAN 2. I think you all know this one by now, but over time, your feelings about her might have changed.

Gwyneth Paltrow

To be honest, when I first started catching Paltrow in movies, I wondered if she was just sailing on the fact that she came from Hollywood royalty. Daughter of director/writer/producer Bruce Paltrow and pretty hot back in her time actress Blythe Danner, Gwynnie was a college drop-out who got cast in Steven Spielberg's HOOK mainly because he knew her parents. Acting alongside her mother on stage in her early years helped to attach her name even more to a born-into-it instead of earning it life of acting.

With a romantic relationship with mega-hottie Brad Pitt, she helped to elevate her exposure when she was cast as his wife in SE7EN but frankly, didn't really make that big of an impression on me. I liked her quite a bit in EMMA, a movie where she got to be in a period piece a couple of years before wearing that awful, ill-fitting pink gown to the Oscars when she won her Best Actress Oscar for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. (Ugh, that's a whole other Oscar politics argument when I start thinking about the campaigning that went on to earn that movie its statue. But I digress.)

Since starting off with what most in the industry would consider a bang-up beginning, Gwyneth has mainly played out a bunch of sour-faced roles where she's trying her hardest to be quirky (THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS) or flouncing at a pretty unconvincing sense of humour (SHALLOW HAL, VIEW FROM THE TOP) or just a bunch of other movies where she really could have been completely interchangeable with any other actress and no one would have noticed. While I will concede that I thought she was a great complement against Robert Downey Jr in the first IRON MAN (mainly because he's so flamboyant and giddy with cheer as the narcissistic playboy that he needed her sourpuss face to counterbalance that), it might have also just been a lot of good luck on Favs great casting. (Yeah, I know everyone is wary of ScarJo as Black Widow, but people were also leery of RDJ as Iron Man in the first place, in case we've forgotten. Have faith in the director, I trust him.)

So, all the history of Paltrow and her roles considered, do you find her Hot or Not?

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