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Hot or Not: Gwen Stefani

11.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was a half & half response from you folks last week regarding the hotness or lack thereof regarding Dakota Fanning. Many cited being unable to look past the child we grew up watching in so many movies to the young woman she's become. I still think her beauty has personality. As for another person we've grown up watching, albeit from the time she was a legal young adult to a more mature woman, here is one of the voice stars from this week's new release, TROLLS. Let's see if you have the same problem with this one.

Gwen Stefani

In the beginning, I never knew if Gwen Stefani was wearing a lot of makeup and dressing like a tomboy because she really was rough around the edges but doing her due diligence in the music industry (ala having to appear more sexy to bring in the male demographic of buyers) or because she was really a fancy girlie-girl who was wearing tomboy clothing to give herself the "edge" the music industry thinks the female demographic of buyers wants to see. Whatever the case, the juxtaposition confused me, as did her ever changing vocals, which fluctuated from high pitched and femotional (that tone a whiny chick takes with you to get what she wants - "female emotional") to darker and more grrrl-ly. So in the beginning, while I might have known the lyrics to all of No Doubt's songs (because of their Top 40 heavy rotation, they were unavoidable), I wasn't really a fan of Gwen herself.

As stories of her personal life came out, including that romance with her bandmate and subsequent breakup to the as high profile as it got before social media relationship with Gavin Rossdale, I started to see Gwen as more of a fully fleshed out human being. I didn't necessarily feel a kinship to her, but she wasn't as confusing. See, Stefani was a girlie-girl who chased the boy and wore makeup but also felt the pressure to act as if she was a "cool chick" because that's what the world sells to women, urging them to be chill if they wanted to fit in with the guys. So of course it was even more understandable when Gwen went solo. And the music she released then (don't mention that fruit song, I. Will. Cut. You.) was more poppy, more genuine to the woman I finally figured her out to be, that I started to like her more for finally just being the self she wanted to be and not the one she obviously was pressured into pretending to be.

There is a lot to a woman's personality that makes me decide if I find them to be hot/sexy/attractive. Frankly, if I had to judge Gwen on her personality alone, I would say I wasn't interested. I'm impressed by the figure she's kept after having three kids (at an older than average age to boot) and when she's photographed right, she can look downright stunning. But I would never, ever, ever, ever want to be in a relationship with her. Hell, I don't even know if she'd be someone I'd want in my girl squad. But can I understand how so many others think she's the bomb? Sure. I just don't necessarily agree with the majority consensus.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani?

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