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Hot or Not: Greta Gerwig

11.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor

A third of you were on the "Not" train when it came to discussing Christina Hendricks last week. I have to agree with the concept that being hot isn't just about what you look like and I still get the impression that Christina has something off-putting about her demeanor. Gorgeous, sure. But personality counts. So for this week, let's take a look at one of the stars of JACKIE and decide if personality has what it takes to catapult someone who isn't as visibly beautiful into hottie range.

Greta Gerwig

I probably shouldn't have started that off by suggesting that Greta Gerwig is automatically non-beautiful. However, not too long ago I ended up in an argument with a friend who was trying to tell me that she reminded them of Lena Dunham. Which, NO. Just, NO. Lena's shtick might be appealing until you get to know her and the lush rich, spoiled, privileged background that she came from, at which point whatever forgiveness points you had for her droopy dog face melt away. Greta has the magnetic appeal that only gets brighter and stronger as you go through her career, from actress to screenwriter to director. Even her name, in all of its awkward uncoolness only seems to make her more attractive once you get to know her.

After seeing Greta paired up with Natalie Portman the first time, in NO STRINGS ATTACHED, I went back and checked out her indie background. It's diverse and alternates between uncomfortably funny to heartbreakingly endearing, all the more proving that this is the kind of woman that you want to delay from leaving your conversation. (THE DISH & THE SPOON is one of my favorites with her.) Over the years, Greta's appearance has changed, from thicker to more willowy, thinning down for Hollywood as most actresses tend to do if they can't or don't want to pull off being the best friend, character actress for the rest of their lives. You can look up pictures of her and find everything in between in terms of how "hot" she comes off visually.

It bugs me when magazines do a heavy handed Photoshop job on Gerwig, perhaps not trusting that other women will be as kind when looking through pages of her modeling clothing, but they nearly take away what she excels at. I like that Greta looks both average AND uniquely different at the same time. There's a quality to her that makes her infinitely more relatable than other actresses and an aura that no other "average" chick like Lena Dunham could ever pull off. I love this lady and I vote mega-hot.

What do you think of Greta Gerwig?

Source: IMDB


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