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Hot or Not: Gillian Jacobs

04.29.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Last week's Hot or Not, which featured THE QUIET ONES star Olivia Cooke, got a lot of positive feedback from you guys, so it looks like a strong future is in store for the adorable Brit. This week we look at one of the stars of WALK OF SHAME, that movie where we're supposed to believe that Elizabeth Banks could feel bad about any of the crazy hijinks that she gets her blonde self up to.

Gillian Jacobs

My mom always accused me of having a thing for people with "fish eyes." This was the way that she described those who had big peepers, to the point where they looked protruding (hey, I have even been accused of thinking Steve Buscemi is more attractive than he deserves credit for) and can occasionally be applied to actress Gillian Jacobs, who can have that big ocular magic going on depending on how she's photographed.

To my dismay, Jacobs is often compared unfavorably to her "Community" co-star, Alison Brie, which strikes me as odd mainly because, well, I've never watched that show. That and I'd seen Jacobs in small roles that where she was singularly impressive to me. Although that may have been because she bared her boobs in CHOKE.

I think that Gillian Jacobs is smoking hot. I can't be the only one, considering the number of projects she has in the works right now, including HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2, something I'm anticipating more than any normal person should. I'll definitely keep tuning into this blonde bombshell.

What do you think of Gillian Jacobs?

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