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Hot or Not: Gal Gadot

03.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor

So, last week you were all, "Hell Yeah!" when it came to Melissa Rauch but it seems you treated her new movie with about as much love as you had for her TV show, giving THE BRONZE a terrible box office opening. What kind of material will it take to get you to love Rauch in a role as well? While we're on the topic of people in particular roles, here's a new hottie for this week who may or may not be as welcomed in a highly debated famous superheroine role.  

Gal Gadot

If I had done this article around the time that Gal Gadot was one of the master car manipulators in FAST FIVE, I might have approached this from a different angle. However, I'm getting around to having her in this feature the week that she's taking on the iconic role of Wonder Woman, a role so wildly contested no matter who chooses which actress is in those star-spangled tights, it would be a hard fought win. I want a tall, muscular, bodacious, I dunno... AMAZONIAN... kind of woman to be Diana Prince. And while Gadot has clearly put on a bit of muscle, she's still not... enough... to really embody the role for me.

That gripe aside, I think Gadot might have the right personality for Diana. With her seductive glances and fluid movement in FAST FIVE, she showed that she could be wily, a feature I associate with most comic book dames. In certain lights Gal can look like an average pretty brunette, pleasant looking but not particularly a stand-out. At other times, she looks like a model stepping right off the pages of a glossy magazine, all perfection and Photoshop come to life. That kind of chameleon thing is essential to the dual personas comic book superheros take on.

So yeah, it's a "No Duh" that Gal Gadot is a hot woman. It's just another case of a hot woman cast poorly. While I haven't seen the movie yet and I don't know for sure if she's a clunky fit (the trailers give me the impression of a socialite hanging out in the big city with her two closest gay friends), I'm hesitant. No matter how well she does, it will be one where ultimately I go in preconceived impressions that she'll either smash or sink beneath.

What do you think of Gal Gadot?

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