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Hot or Not: Gabrielle Union

04.17.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I love me some Kevin Hart about as much as I love me some Philly Flyers and by the time that tomorrow comes to a close, we'll be seeing that winning blur of orange, black and white as they take their skates on up to the next level. They've played cleanly (*ahem* no hair pulling like little bitches *ahem*) and will earn their victory. Thing that sucks about THINK LIKE A MAN is that while I might want to support Kevin, he brought a Penguin (Chris Brown) into the game, and mama just don't give money to that. But on to today's babe.

Gabrielle Union

Did any of you realize that Gabrielle Union was turning 40 this year? That's right, Isis from BRING IT ON was 28-years old when she was playing a high school cheerleader and not a damn one of us could tell the difference. If I were to point in the racial stereotype of how most blacks (or African Americans, your choice) age with a grace that is godlike, you'd probably start sending hate mail. Hey... look what I just did.

Gabrielle has a unique face, one with a wide, sincere smile, delicately curved almond-shaped eyes and bone structure that most Scandinavian super models would die for. She's also been blessed with quite possibly the most beautifully proportioned bodies that I've seen on a woman in a long time. Everything on this woman looks custom built. Not one part of her is out of whack with another part.

But here's the rub... As pretty as she is, as gorgeous as she can be and as drop-dead sexy as her body screams... it's surprising how forgettable she really is. After a decent run at fame during the early 2000's, post BRING IT ON, Gabrielle popped up a lot. But nothing really stuck. Now she's mainly known for being that hot chick... who was in... don't tell me... that one movie where she did the strip tease... See what I mean? Miss Union is indeed HOT. But being as hot as she is seems a hollow victory for the career she's carved out.

What do you think of Gabrielle Union?

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