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Hot or Not: Franka Potente

06.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Her movie did decent numbers at a box office currently filled with comic book characters galore but Jenna Coleman did far superior numbers when it came to how you fans favored her. With the Dr in her past, perhaps a bigger future to show off what she's truly capable of will be on the horizon. This week there are softer expectations for the new releases, even with many claiming that THE CONJURING 2 is one of the smartest and most savvy horror movie sequels of late. Here is one of the stars of the movie, who hopefully will fare as well as her movie seems to be.

Franka Potente

I think like most people, my first introduction to German actress Franka Potente was with the well received RUN LOLA RUN, about a woman on the run from her inevitable perishing. The movie was fast, crazy and unique in a time when we were getting the same slush from all the big American studios. The harder part seemed to be selling her in those very same markets - while Potente was brought on as Matt Damon's love interest in THE BOURNE IDENTITY, I was ecstatic - here was someone realistically beautiful, funny, smart and strong. Of course, anyone familiar with the arc of those films will understand why THE BOURNE SUPREMACY dashed my dreams.

For the past 12 years, I've loved seeing Franka pop up in various projects that I was unaware of her being involved in (something that continued when I didn't realize that she was a part of TC2 cast until looking up a woman for the feature this week). When she appeared on the second season of "American Horror Story," I longed to see her become a reoccurring character with the show from there on out. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and while I've gone out of my way to watch what she has been cast in (Copper is worth a mini-marathon stream session), for the most part, I feel that Potente is wildly underused. Fearless when she's in a role but quiet and private when not in front of the camera might have lead to a general misunderstanding of how to cast her.

Franka has strong features that dazzle like a prismatic gemstone. In one light she seems pure and plain and in others luminescent and awe-inspiring. The fact that she's so physical in roles is applaudable when you figure out how many actresses are cast to be window dressing and do so little outside of marking their place and saying their lines. I'd love to see more of Potente not just because she's a talented actress but because she's a deeply sexy one that you have to marinate in for that realization to fully sink in.

What do you think of Franka Potente?

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