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Hot or Not: Fiona Dourif

10.08.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I don't want to try to remember just how young I was when the first Chucky movie was released (or the fact that I know instantly that it wasn't referred to as a Chucky movie in the title, what with it originally being called CHILD'S PLAY and all). I don't even want to think about the fact that the unseen star from that series of films now has a daughter who is old enough to be the star of its latest installment, CURSE OF CHUCKY. What I do want to think about is what you think of her hotness, this being the Hot or Not column and all.

Fiona Dourif

Fiona Dourif not only is old enough to be a great visual successor to her father, Brad Dourif (aka, the dude behind the iconic voice of that demonic little redheaded doll), she's surprisingly already into her third decade. With a birthday one day before Halloween and a father who's huge in the horror industry, Fiona Dourif's career was laid out for her long before she was old enough to get into showings of her dad's movies.

I know little about Fiona's acting career other than her reoccurring role on "True Blood" during its fourth season. Nepotism being the word in Hollywood and all and with a surname as famous as her father's (among those of us who love cinema and know who Brad Dourif is even if we're not huge horror fans), I can't blame her for taking the somewhat "easy" route of acting.

There's a little too much "crazy eyes" going on for me to consider Fiona to be a beautiful woman in the grand scheme of actresses and all but for what she's in the industry for, the offspring of Chucky is high up in the ranks of beauties. Unique enough to stand out while fit enough to make her a nice package to look at, I'd say that Fiona is a Hot Horror Babe, even if not the hottest babe all-around.

What do you think of Fiona Dourif?

Source: IMDB


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