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Hot or Not: Eva Green

11.17.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I don't know what it is about French women. They've got the unspoken reputation for being some of the most beautiful women in the world, but when I look at them closely, I'm not always as convinced. They tend to look great when they're all made up, but in other instances, they look like odd-faced Barbie dolls with even less of a soul behind their eyes than those 11" pieces of plastic. So this week, let's discuss one of them.

Eva Green

You may or may not have read my post where I talked about watching THE DREAMERS and other than being able to see the outrageous set of tits on Eva Green, she left me yearning for a more simple woman. I don't need weird or eccentric or complicated in order to think that a woman is beautiful. I don't need symbolism or subtext. I just need... well, it's actually hard to define what I need to consider a woman beautiful.

And that's the issue that I have with Green. She actually only has 10 movies to her resume, something rather short to be ranked so highly in the movie world. And while I liked her character in THE GOLDEN COMPASS (shut up, I actually liked that movie) better than most of what I've seen her in, I wasn't paying as much attention to her looks in that.

I wonder if she was really the woman to bring the current incarnation of James Bond to his knees. He laments her after the end of CASINO ROYALE and yet doesn't have too hard of a time moving past her into another bed either. (I agree with Matt Damon, Jason Bourne is a much better action hero with a more solid set of personal ethics. I'd rather watch dozens more of the BOURNE series than any more Bond movies.) Is she pretty? For the most part, when dressed up. But is she hot? I'm not so sure. Creepy is good and all and she's working it in the DVD release of FRANKLYN this week, but I'm unconvinced.

Tell me your opinion of Eva Green.

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