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Hot or Not: Emma Watson

08.25.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you might not have wanted to spend money to watch HITMAN: AGENT 47 but you sure did like its star, Hannah Ware, who garnered very positive responses from her place in the Hot or Not spotlight. Over the years, I've shied away from featuring certain actresses that so many have long standing crushes on because I believe that I can't win in featuring them. This week, because REGRESSION is opening and because I've ceased to be fretful over your potentially aggravated responses over her being featured, I'm going with this actress...

Emma Watson

I tried to read the Harry Potter books. I got mucked up in the first one and didn't understand the outright rabid fervor of its fans and please note that I say this as a prolific reader who doesn't look down her nose at books aimed at younger audiences. I just couldn't get into the story about the boy wizard. I had a similar problem trying to make my way through all of the movies, having gone to see everything up to the 80th or 81st (actually somewhere around the one with the room that had the crystal globes in it, that's how little it snagged by interest) before giving up. I can see why people would have taken to Emma Watson, though. She was a charming little minx, even when she was younger.

Now that the Potter franchise is over and Watson has had a chance to be someone other than Hermione, as well as age into an appropriate for lusting after demographic... I still think she's a charming little minx. However, she's a rather one-note one. Yes, I liked THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER but I can only give her a nod of "well done" because I liked everyone else far better (I wish Paul Rudd had been my English teacher, Mae Whitman always shines and Ezra Miller is f*cking outstanding in everything he does). THE BLING RING bored me to tears, THIS IS THE END showed that she had a sense of humour about her fame and you couldn't pay me to sit through NOAH. So yes, Emma Watson has grown up and is a vet at producing a filmable performance.

I will not suggest the Emma Watson is not attractive. She is a lovely young woman who shines for the cameras, seems to be a rather kind and level-headed celebrity and is eloquent and intelligent in her endeavors. HOWEVER dot dot dot - I do not think she's "hot." I think she's the cute little sister, the girl next door who grew up well, the former school valedictorian who dresses really well. Emma Watson exists in a world outside of "hot," if you get my drift.

What do you think of Emma Watson?

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