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Hot or Not: Emma Roberts

06.14.2011by: Cherry Liquor

It is professional for me to allow my sense of bitterness at the obvious hulking beast of nepotism which stalks every venture normal people try to conquer to bloat my expectations of those who profit from it to unrealistically high levels? Does that sentence read with the same amount of self-importance that it does when I hear it in my head? Is this week's Hot or Not candidate ever going to play anything other than a coy young (and mostly harmless) temptress like she's doing in this week's release, THE ART OF GETTING BY?

Emma Roberts

Emma's cute. Let's just get that out of the way immediately. She's a spritely young woman with a sparkle in her oversized eyes and wide, charming grin. She's also profiting from having a famous father and aunt. Because as cute as she is, rarely does Emma express much out of what any aspiring teen in the business could and with much less hunger, seeing as how she's needed to do little to fight for a role.

Oddly, the often bland deliver that Emma puts forth doesn't cause me great distress so long as I'm not thinking about it. I'd liken it to having a peanut butter & jam sandwich on store brand white bread. It's food. Hell, it's comfort food, cheap and easy to obtain, reminding you of school lunches. But is it something that you'd go out of your way to have for lunch or is it just an easy stand-by that you can tolerate without thought just because it didn't take any effort to get?

When I first started writing for Movie Hotties, Emma wasn't quite the age of 18 yet and now she's 20, taking over horror movie franchises and being photographed regularly stumbling out of after parties like the young Hollywood star that she's become. Maybe it's that aforementioned bitterness which can't get me to see her as hot. Maybe it's that she still looks too much like a little sister to me. Maybe it's a lot of things.

But what are your thoughts on Emma Roberts?

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