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Hot or Not: Emma Greenwell

02.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Not many people turned out to comment on Kali Hawk last week but her standing was strong, sorta similar to how the audience for FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK was meager but the budget was low, so the investment paid off. I think that Hawk has a similar future ahead of her. With February bringing a bit of a thaw to the box office, we're seeing more options and bigger budgets on the table, including PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, which might have had a stronger fighting chance if the original director and star (David O. Russell & Natalie Portman, respectively) were still in place, but we should probably count those chickens after the movie lays its box office stink bomb. Here's one of the stars of the film to talk about instead.

Emma Greenwell

Born in the US but raised in London, there's a straddling of the fence when it comes to Emma Greenwell, who first started getting recognition as Mandy Milkovich #2 (the role was kicked off with Jane Levy in season one and carried over with Greenwell after) on the Showtime series, "Shameless." I was slow to come around to Emma, partly because I was partial to Levy's version of the character (more vulnerable, less aggressive), partly because I envied her for dating co-star Jeremy Allen White (I love his odd looking sexiness). But with time, Emma started really nailing the broken bird Mandy character with a rawness that made you want to hug her after you were done choking her.

There aren't a lot of flashy photoshoots out there of Emma, aside from a couple of clever shots by Tyler Shields and one of those murky shoots for Nylon magazine. It's a bit of a shame, really, since Greenwell has the kind of amazing bone structure that can slay when styled & shot in that high-end fashion spread kinda way. On the red carpet, I can't tell what's going on with her, if she's simply uncomfortable standing before the firing squad or finding her feet as an up-and-coming actress. (She herself posts to her Instagram that she's #nevernotawkward.) I do know that I prefer her with her Milkovich dark hair rather than her natural blonde.

Overall, Emma Greenwell has a striking if inconsistent look. Her body, which she shows off frequently in those rugged, sweaty sex scenes on "Shameless," is tight if not particularly noteworthy. I want to say that I find her unconditionally hot because I've grown to really like her over the years but I feel as if the personal life Emma that we'll only see if we're in her private circle is much hotter than the Emma she shows the world when the cameras are turned off. If I was grading Mandy, I'd be all over that shit, so I'd like to say she's percolating right now and will be one fine cup of coffee when the time is right.

What do you think of Emma Greenwell?

Source: IMDB


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