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Hot or Not: Emily Meade

05.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I guess nostalgia isn't the only thing binding you to a love of Marisa Tomei, our featured lady in last week's Hot or Not. Nearly all of you were on board with the hot train, leaving only one bot to point out something about floor sanding and wood restoration, something you might need after you're done with Ms. Tomei. But I digress. It's time to muddle through those couple of weeks after a Marvel release and before the Memorial weekend, when the summer box office gets hot and heavy. MONEY MONSTER might pull in some senior attendees, but its release date suggests that the film companies are unsure of where it truly belongs, perhaps like one of its young stars on the hottie scale. You decide.

Emily Meade

I vaguely (and I mean vaguely) remember the movie MY SOUL TO TAKE, one of those throwaways, why did they make that, what am I watching movies where you wonder why the studio pushed the legendary Wes Craven into making such a bland incarnation of his previously sharp style. That's the film where Emily Meade finally got a big enough role to show off and it wasn't worth the wait. If you dig further back into her career, she'd actually been friskier, even getting nude for BURNING PALMS and scarred for "Boardwalk Empire." Emily picked up more interesting work when she joined the cast of "The Leftovers," showing that she's got some acting chops that no one seems to know quite what to do with.

I've seen some people compare her to Leighton Meester, a fair comparison considering that they look a good deal alike. Meade is far less polished, looking like an average girl-next-door at many of her appearances, changed little by whether or not she wears makeup, something that very few of the higher paid actresses out there can claim. And that mouth. Oh my stars, how I love that curly lipped mouth of hers, with the overbite and the quirky mystery that seems to lie behind it. I love to watch that mouth form words.

Emily has a small role in MONEY MONSTER, and with Jodie Foster in the director's chair, you know she's been picked because she can act and not because she needs to have her hotness exploited. I really wouldn't mind seeing this little bird flying in more projects if they're the right ones. Meade has a perky body that she doesn't mind showing off, capped by an incredible pair of toned legs. Plus, the mouth. I don't know why but that mouth of hers is mesmerizing to me. I vote hot.

What do you think of Emily Meade?

Source: IMDB


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