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Hot or Not: Emily Browning

03.22.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Hey, so that new WIMPY KID movie looks like the flick to see this weekend, right? It couldn't possibly be any more juvenile than other options out there, say like SUCKER PUNCH, right? While the consensus for the latest Snyder bang-bang for your buck popcorn mega-movie is that it looks stupid as all get out, I'd prefer to turn your attention toward deciding the hotness fate of its star instead.

Emily Browning

Is it easier to lust after a former child actress if you didn't grow up with her in your face at an uncomfortably constant rate? Australian born Emily Browning might be more recognizable Down Under, but for the rest of the world she was only a little girl for the poor box office performer LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. I can't say that I didn't like that movie when I watched it. I also can't say that I remember the majority of it or that Browning had a future hottie impact on me. She's was a cute little thing with her bee-sting lips and her wispy bangs obscuring her big doll-like eyes.

I do remember Browning from THE UNINVITED though, a movie remade from A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, a Korean ghost story that I enjoyed and was skeptical of its remastering. However, Emily impressed me enough to make me forget that it was rated PG-13 and I have to say that it put her on my radar in a more prominent regard. That's about the time she started stepping out on the red carpets to promote the film and show off that she was all grown up.

Now, as Babydoll in SUCKER PUNCH, she looks, well, super hot. The long blonde pigtails recalling the sexy sophistication of an anime character come to life, not to mention the little sailor girl outfit are definitely working aiming your arrow toward the hot side of the meter. But when you catch Emily au naturale or in some odd couture get-up on the red carpet, it belies a very different bead on the 22-year old. I want to say hot because I can definitely see it there. I like this girl. But she also seems hellbent on squandering her casual beauty, so I'm not 100% decided.

What do you think of Emily Browning?

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