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Hot or Not: Emily Blunt

02.09.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I think I'm on a little bit of a kick where I'm hooked on chicks with unique senses of beauty. Personally, I'm into this chick and have been since she was red headed and obnoxious. I guess it's something about those huge eyes and butt chin, I don't know. She can look great and she can look odd from certain angles, but I guess I have to ask... is she HOT or not?

Emily Blunt

That obnoxious redheaded assistant to Meryl Streep in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA who barks orders to Anne Hathaway was the role which got Emily Blunt's foot firmly inside the door of Hollywood. At one point, before having conflicts of interest with other filming projects, ScarJo would have been out of her IRON MAN 2 role.

Continuing a streak where she proved that she can act and isn't planning on stopping anytime soon, Blunt slammed home great performances in SUNSHINE CLEANING, THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD and THE YOUNG VICTORIA recently. Talk about starting off in a supposed small role and then stomping around like a cute 5'7" Godzilla in the film world. She broke off her engagement to singer Michael Buble only to break the hearts of fans of John Krasinski when the two got engaged shortly after her other break-up.

Now with a starring role in this week's THE WOLFMAN alongside power heavyweights Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins, she's also got a plate full of other projects including GULLIVER'S TRAVELS with Jason Segel which looks promising. But the question doesn't boil down to her acting when it comes to this column, now does it? Is Emily Blunt hot or not?
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