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Hot or Not: Emilia Clarke

06.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week I f*cked up and forgot to swap out the pictures of Mindy Kaling for Jessica Barth (thanks to my homie PDogg for fixing that botch) but it seems that most of you were OK with Barth as a babe. Thankfully TED 2 didn't get a huge response from the box office either, being bested by JURASSIC WORLD and INSIDE OUT, although might I suggest that you all go see DOPE instead? It's another awesome offering from director Rick Famuyiwa, who doesn't get nearly the love that he should. As for this week, it's the 4th of July weekend, which means a new installment of that all-American franchise, TERMINATOR: GENISYS, starring an Austrian, a couple of Australians and this week's featured gal, who is British. Of course. What's more American than outsourcing?

Emilia Clarke

Emilia is a tiny little thing, coming in at only 5 feet and a couple of inches (or about 157 centimeters, since if the movie stars the rest of the world, we should probably measure her like the rest of the world) but man, does she have a powerful presence. I had never heard of her before seeing Clarke in "Game of Thrones" as Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi. Since debuting as the dragon mother back in 2011, she's gone on to command pretty much whichever roles she wants, from this film to the upcoming adaptation of ME BEFORE YOU, the popular schmaltzy novel that your moms all love.

With the blonde wig, Clarke is striking but frankly, I find her far more attractive with her natural brunette tresses. She's filled with imperfections as tiny as her frame... as in, there's pretty much nothing wrong with her symmetrical features, lithe frame and tender pale skin. OK, so her eyebrows are a bit powerful in this day of threaded to perfection brows but I'm nitpicking here.

I think what makes Emilia Clarke sexy/hot for me is that she comes off like a normal babe who happens to be really, really good looking and while aware of it, totally not using it beyond advantage. She clearly works hard at her roles (leading to the crutches she's been seen using lately) and is unbelievably affable about all of the attention and praise she's been showered with. It only makes you like her more, in addition to wanting to get all carnal with her.

What do you think of Emilia Clarke?

Source: IMDB


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