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Hot or Not: Virginia Madsen

07.03.2012by: Cherry Liquor

This weekend being a holiday one (happy belated Canada Day!) and giving you a choice of fanboy "It Girl," Emma Stone, bad girl dope dealer's shared girlfriend hottie Blake Lively, singing version of a cartoon female icon come to life in Katy Perry, I thought we'd shoot far over the obvious and go with an old school hottie to determine if she's still packs the same punch in 2012 as she did when she first came to movie screens nearly 30 years ago in that epically classic moment in the movie CLASS. (Haven't seen it? Now you know what to queue up.)

Virginia Madsen

There's something to be said for a Hollywood blonde who manages to hold onto her sexpot vibe throughout many decades, all without the help of marrying some similarly popular male star or getting reduced to the MILF-next door roles. From the time that Virginia Madsen got a lot of former fanatics to realize they still had a lot to desire out of the blonde when she showed up in SIDEWAYS, a grown woman finishing college, her own person, sexy without being a stereotype, I think we figured out that it was possible for a mature woman to still be mouth-watering.

Don't forget that this is the woman whose big brother is Mr. Blonde - yes, that Michael Madsen. He's respected his sister as an actress and had similar casting stumbling blocks over the years, but being a great guy, he admits to never watching any movie Virginia's been in where she gets naked. That's just so normal in an industry of bizarre. Not to mention that Virginia had a son in 1994 with Antonio Sabato Jr and scaled back on acting roles to concentrate on being his mom, limiting herself to voiceovers for cool stuff like the animated shows, "Justice League," and "Spider-man."

This September 11th, don't forget that we're watching this woman turn a whopping 51-years old. And she still looks like this. Sometimes thicker, sometimes leaner, always oozing with sensuality. With at least 5 more projects coming up shortly, including the option of seeing her in THE MAGIC OF BELLE ISLE this weekend, the lady that once was the young, hot thing causing a stir in your pants when you were just figuring out what that stir was is still causing a storm during the years that you now know what to do with it.

What do you think of Virginia Madsen?

Source: IMDB


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