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Hot or Not: Elizabeth Olsen

04.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor

There wasn't as much noise over the quality of hotness from last week's babe, Linda Cardellini as I thought there would be but from the rabble that was roused, you guys are fans. This week, well, it's all AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON all the time, starting off with the franchise's latest addition. How does the Scarlet Witch rank for you fellas?

Elizabeth Olsen

I'm actually surprised I hadn't done a Hot or Not on Olsen sooner, but the chips have fallen and now I'm examining the aftermath. Sure, many people have varying opinions about many aspects of the youngest Olsen sister, with the detractors tending to make snarky comments about how she's good at answering a phone and looking panicked. (Honestly, I don't understand how anyone could have been expected to concentrate on anything other than the atrocity that was Brian Cranston's wig in GODZILLA, but OK.)

Lizzie is kinda magical to me. I never would have thought that the family which spawned those bug-eyed "Full House" twins could have also delivered us a more subdued looking member of their clan. The fact Elizabeth can act and is willing to show off some nudity (the only reason to watch the OLDBOY remake) adds to her charm. For the record, I don't believe the nose job rumours. Fame & money will get you better makeup artists and we all know Photoshop works wonders.

Olsen is softer than most actresses, with a more feminine and appealing physique. She has a husky voice and a certain sparkle to her delivery that many are missing. I find her sensationally hot. She's that kind of girl you envy for her easy beauty and yet aren't threatened by, making for best buddy material as well.

What do you think of Elizabeth Olsen?

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