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Hot or Not: Elizabeth Mitchell

06.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor

There wasn't a lot of feedback for Bella Heathcote last week, although what you did have to say was pretty positive. That seemed to be the case for her movie as well, with THE NEON DEMON advertising blasting loud but with very little attention being paid in the form of box office dollars. It was probably more of a surprise that ID: RESURGENCE didn't do the numbers they were hoping it would, although waiting 20 years for a sequel isn't as profitable as it is when you release a new installment every year or so, like they are with THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR and its predecessors. Here's one of those running from the mayhem and into your waiting arms.

Elizabeth Mitchell

While most of you are going to remember Elizabeth Mitchell from her role as Juliet on "Lost," I think I might have watched GIA one too many times to forget just how sexy she was alongside the nubile young Angelina Jolie, prancing about naked in those early and attractively crazy years of hers. She's also the pretty affluent white lady with some despicable desires in RUNNING SCARED, which made me hate her long before everyone was irritated with her turn on the island.

Mitchell has always been a fit lady with that look of privilege that some icy blondes tend to possess. It's that flirty, whispery little voice of hers that really catches your attention, drawing you in like a beautiful flower before it collapses upon you with poisonous intent. It's part of what attracts me to Mitchell, even if I believe she's going to be my undoing.

While she is beautiful in that vague, somewhat forgettable way that some women have, Elizabeth possesses a strength of character that raises her above the average. If she was more plaint, giving up her strange edge, I might not even bother to consider if she's hot or not. But because she has that bizarre lining, that certain edge that is undefinable, I'm drawn to her. The voice, the cutting vibe of her delivery and that eerie side-eye that she gives when the camera zooms in close has been in her clutches.

What do you think of Elizabeth Mitchell?

Source: IMDB


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