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Hot or Not: Elisabeth Rohm

12.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Pretty much every single one of you went to go see STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS this past weekend and while I'm avoiding reading all of your commentary about the movie, I certainly noticed that most of you were fans of its star, Daisy Ridley, giving her a high passing grade in her Hot or Not feature. Almost as fun as figuring out how big of a success SW: TFA would be is figuring out how big the POINT BREAK remake/boot/why'd they bother is going to bomb... but in an attempt to stay positive, how about checking out one of the stars of JOY, since the only thing more guaranteed than a STAR WARS win is a Jennifer Lawrence vehicle doing strong business as well.

Elisabeth Rohm

I wish I could say that I remember Rohm more from "Angel" than anything else but I honestly have to admit that I watched her more on "Law & Order" instead. She had far less to do on that show, which is a pity, considering that Elisabeth is a strong actress. If you ever want to check out a movie that puts the stupidity of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY in the spotlight, you might want to track down THE KREUTZER SONATA, where Rohm engages in some sexual shenanigans that are head spinningly visceral.

I think Elisabeth is gorgeous. There's a bit of a Kate Hudson vibe to her, but with more meat, more depth, just plain more. Her features are strong, the bone structure of her jaw like something out of a classic painting and those blue eyes of hers can stop you in your tracks. While she was raised in the US, there's a sense that her German birthplace lingers in her devil-may-care disposition, reminding me of the blase nudity of Heidi Klum and badass chickery of Diane Kruger.

Rohm doesn't have that great of a body (again, go watch that movie) but the way she carries herself offsets the minor imperfections. I guess I'm more surprised that she hasn't found a bigger place in the acting world to inhabit. I find her immensely sexy and most definitely hot and wish there was more of her to binge on without resorting to "The Client List" or "Beauty & the Beast" or "Stalker." David O Russell deserves even more praise for giving Elisabeth some meat to chew on.

What do you think of Elisabeth Rohm?

Source: IMDB


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