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Hot or Not: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

04.23.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Every so often, I feel compelled to do a Hot or Not featuring a dude instead of the expected chick. Why do I do this? Because there are female Schmoes around here too and not every single one of you dudes is hung-up about his sexuality to be able to declare another dude hot... or not. I would have preferred to tear into the co-star of PAIN AND GAIN instead of this other star of that movie, but too many of you guys have latent man-crushes on him and Boston doesn't need any more turmoil.

Dwayne Johnson

Why is it that in the course of my life, the people I have cared deeply about have been pro-wrestling fans? Why?? I've never been a fan of the "sport" and figured that if I was going to watch something so melodramatic, I might as well flip the channel to a comfortable telenovela. Then there was this guy, this dude who looked Samoan, who acted like every machismo Samoan that I went to high school with, talking about cooking and you smelling. Around where I grew up, The Rock (as he was simply known by then) was impossible to avoid.

He might now be a dominating force at the box office, whether he's hunting down the dastardly car thieves in the FAST & FURIOUS sequels or doing GI JOE duty. Hell, he can even make crazy money being that family guy in flicks like THE GAME PLAN. But see, I remember when he struggled. I remember watching him play gay in BE COOL and ending up being the only good thing about that movie. I recall him going toe-to-toe with Rosario Dawson and playing tough guy to Seann William Scott in THE RUNDOWN (still one of my favorite "fun" movies to watch). He wasn't banking big then. But damn, that dude was working his ass off.

I find Dwayne Johnson, the guy, the dude, the dad, to be attractive. I think he's smart and I think he's charismatic and I think that when he was one of the drunken ugly girls on "Saturday Night Live," that might have been the last time that show was bust-a-gut funny. Yes, Dwayne Johnson is hot. The guy. The wrestler? Hell no. I only like him raw when he's real.

What do you think of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?

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