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Hot or Not: Dora Madison Burge

01.27.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Guess we all voted with our movie dollars this past weekend, hopefully preemptively shooting down any future prospects of Johnny Depp in an unfunny movie ever, ever again. The new choices this weekend are even lower, throwing us into lesser known waters. Why not take one of the lesser known names from THE LOFT as a Hot or Not candidate?

Dora Madison Burge

I have been trying to get in some stream time with "Friday Night Lights," since so many of you have told me that the show is worth the watch. I haven't gotten far enough into the series to have seen when Dora Madison Burge was on, so the earlier years for this actress are a bit out of my element.

Where I DO remember Burge from is the final season of "Dexter," when she was brought on as a (living, breathing, real-life) female for Masuka. She nearly knocked Aimee Garcia off her 'cutest chick to ever survive a run on "Dexter"' pedestal. I also remember her from a random episode of "Star-Crossed," that cancelled TV show she did with her former FNL co-star, Aimee Teegarden.

Burge is pretty damn adorable, all the way around (especially her youthful breasts). I'd like it if a face like Burge's was in more shows and films. A realistic beauty with a charismatic gaze, Dora is one I'd like to explore-a little bit more.

What do you think of Dora Madison Burge?

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