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Hot or Not: Desi Lydic

07.31.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Nothing in this world is as satisfying as finding a woman who is super funny, super interesting and (trust me, follow her Twitter super nice than to take a slow glance and realize just how hot she is. This week's Hot or Not feature reminds me of having a Penny for a next door neighbor. You like what you see but it's the rolling with the punches attitude that makes you so loyal.

Desi Lydic

If you follow my own Twitter at all, you'll have caught onto the fact that I am an Awkwahard. Hell, if you were paying attention a few weeks back when I did a Battle of the Awkward babes you should have noticed. That show is incredible and it relies so much on great writing and the supreme talents of its cast. One, if you follow all of them on Twitter, you'll come to recognize is a supportive family of performers who are making the show as great as it is because they really like what they're doing and that they're doing it with one another. Desi Lydic made such an impression on me as the school guidance counselor, Val, that I had to look up more of her work, check out her chops... and she's such a stand-out that the TV trailer for WE BOUGHT A ZOO, where she offers Matt Damon a lasagna is the most memorable part of that movie for me. Yeah, she's that good.

If you haven't watched STAN HELSING, you should. You can say that it counts as credit toward you most likely choosing to skip out on this week's release, THE BABYMAKERS (sorry Desi, even if I can sway all of the fanboys to your side, it's impossible to do for the movie's lead, Olivia Munn) and enjoy the busty goodness of Lydic's HELSING co-star, Diora Baird. Not that Desi has a body to scoff at. As cute as a button she is and as incredible as her comedic chops are, we're dealing with a stealth hottie who has just as good (if not better, in many cases) of a body than the other female horror movie fillers. Plus, you know, the whole appeal of wanting to be around her for more than just her body aspect.

I cannot emphasize enough - if you have not watched MTV's scripted series, "Awkward." you should really get on that, stat. Not only will you become a part of the club of diehards who understood long before most other pop culture media outlets caught on to its greatness, you'll feel important in its development into a classic (much like I did when I found out that just this week the network signed on the cast for a third season!) Val is the kind of wack-a-doo guidance counselor that you might have been lucky to have. Or perhaps just wish you did. And Desi? She's pure magic. Trust me on this one. I shouldn't even have to point out that I ended up watching "The Client List," because she's on it as well. Just sayin'....

What do you think of Desi Lydic?

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