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Hot or Not: Dakota Fanning

10.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES couldn't keep up with the rest of the new stuff at the box office, coming in a disappointing 6th place on its opening weekend. All of this despite the fact that you (and me, as I am to blame for not going to see the movie over the weekend) claim to love her so damn much. We should all be put in a corner and questioned about our sense of loyalty. Perhaps we're all planning on going to see Isla kill it during the week, seeing as how there is little to look forward to for this weekend, outside of some new convoluted Tom Hanks chasing Illuminati conspiracies and this week's featured actress in AMERICAN PASTORAL. Since we already know that Hanks is a babe (see: Bosom Buddies), we're ranking this lady instead.

Dakota Fanning

In the tradition of popular, frequently hired child actors, Dakota Fanning was a bit of a weird looking fish when she started her career. Overly pale, huge eyes and a often times creepy disposition when she walked and talked (or screamed, as was the case with WAR OF THE WORLDS) her way through a flick, it was easy to dismiss her future as an actress, after having seen so many of the talented ones wither away to become more fodder for "You Won't Believe What They Look Like Now!" click bait. Be truthful, she was sort of a weird looking kid, in the way that Macaulay Culkin or Frankie Muniz were.

For a time during her teen years, Dakota disappeared from the limelight, allowing younger sister Elle to take over for a spell while she had a brief period of normalcy in her life, later returning for roles in THE RUNAWAYS and those horrid vampire movies. Dakota also emerged as a burgeoning fashionista, showing up at Paris Fashion Week and the like, showing that she had an elegant and understated sense of style that eluded most of her contemporaries. In actuality, Fanning has been known to wear cheap duds from Target and allow her own sense of self and demure personality seep through the surface instead of being yet another cautionary tale. Picking up more roles in indies and artsy pieces also seems to be the balancing act that makes the adult Dakota that much more appealing.

I get the impression that Dakota Fanning is only going to continue to get more attractive with time, aging out of those features that were so awkward when she was a child. She maintains a gorgeous complexion, all pale skin and soft blonde hair, and dresses in a manner that plays up those high points, with bold colors and interesting cuts. Sure, she doesn't have a stand-out figure with scene stealing curve or one signature body part to bank on, which makes her a winner for fleshing out a total package. I think she's lovely, perhaps even moreso for not banking on any one thing to sell her hotness.

What do you think of Dakota Fanning?

Source: IMDB


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