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Hot or Not: Crystal Reed

11.09.2010by: Cherry Liquor

From what I gather, a lot of you are planning on heading out to catch a showing of SKYLINE this weekend. While the movie doesn't have nearly the amount of hype that similar predecessors had (i.e. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, CLOVERFIELD), it's still looking like the indie to tout if you're true to your fanboy roots. Luckily for all of us, the movie has some pretty decent eye candy to make the viewing that much sweeter. Let's look at one of the film's newbies this week, shall we?

Crystal Reed

Get used to this face, even if it's just for the next couple of years to see whether or not the Samuel Goldwyn method of "Give me a couple of years and I'll make that actress overnight success" will work. Crystal Reed might not have many credits to her name so far, mostly listing small roles on network shows like "CSI," but with her turn in SKYLINE, she's looking to capture mainstream attention, and fast.

This girl is so new, I've had trouble finding much of a biography on her. While there have been pictures of her taken with TWILIGHT hottie, Nikki Reed, I haven't found any information stating that the two are related. (Maybe I just didn't look hard enough. Can anyone clear this fact up for me?) She is, however, is post-production on a TV movie remake version of TEEN WOLF as well as a member of the all-star cast of 2011's CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE alongside Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Gosling, which speaks volumes in and of itself right there.

Very simply, this chick is pretty. I don't need to go see the movie to check that obvious fact. I don't have any knowledge of her acting, which may or may not taint my opinion of her as a whole but doesn't immediately mean that I'll think her less hot. If the smile and the look in the eyes doesn't get the point across that Reed is ready for her close-up, I don't think a hammer to your face would give you a migraine either. So I vote yes on the hot and am eager to see what this chick can come up with.

What do you think of Crystal Reed?

Source: IMDB


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