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Hot or Not: Cote de Pablo

11.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last weekend, SPECTRE dominated the box office with some serious double oh dollars for the latest James Bond installment. One of its stars, Lea Seydoux, garnered mostly positive responses from those who commented on her Hot or Not (even though I'd apparently covered her a year before, where she got more thumbs up than down this time around). One of the stars from the based-on-true-events movie, THE 33, is someone I know I haven't covered, mainly because she doesn't have a long movie career. It's as good of a time as any to do so now.

Cote de Pablo

There are some shows on television that have been on for a large number of years that I can't honestly understand their popularity. I guess it makes sense that "NCIS" is one of them - the show is essentially "Law & Order" within the Naval community, with a running list of topics based on news events that will never have an expiration date. The only time I've really watched the show has been in reruns during sick spells in which I'm surfing the sofa and too drained to worry about changing the channel. Add that to the fact that Cote de Pablo doesn't have a varied acting career outside of the CBS drama and you'll understand why I can't really judge her on acting skill.

From what little I've seen of her acting, Cote is efficient at her job. As for her looks, this Chilean lady has a doll of a face, all of her features are delicate but striking, from her exotic eyes to her little bow of a mouth. Cote's presence on screen is strong and she pulls off being a tough, no nonsense type of character. What I love most about her is that when she dresses up for the red carpet, she oozes femininity in a slinky, kittenish manner, like a woman who knows she's hot and doesn't require your approval.

I would honestly like to see more of Cote de Pablo in movies, although that might not be an area she's yet comfortable in, with a career so far carved out in only the TV serials. She's a breath of fresh air, better than just being the wife or mom character. While a Latina, she certainly isn't defined by that status either. I'd believe her in any role without the Latin slant. I think she's hot and most definitely needs some more appreciation.

What do you think of Cote de Pablo?

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