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Hot or Not: Claire Danes

06.17.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, it was still somewhat debatable whether or not Reese Witherspoon was a legit hottie or just a really pretty and talented lady. It was also thrown out there that I've been choosing actresses with prominent foreheads. I swear it hasn't been a conscious decision on my part. However, it did make me carefully dissect my choice for this week, the eternal "it girl" of the X Generation, Claire Danes.

Claire Danes

Considering the massive cult following that Claire's breakout canceled show, "My So-Called Life" has, I can't claim to be the only or even the first person to have discovered her talent. Only 15 when she started out on that show (and in big screen films like the remake of LITTLE WOMEN), people couldn't stop talking about her back in the mid-1990's. She went on to woo audiences even further as the doomed Juliet to Leo DiCaprio's Romeo in the fantastical Baz Luhrmann version of the Shakespeare tragedy.

However, when I started looking back and truly examining Claire's career over the years, I can't say that she's got a great wealth of roles to be proud of. Either completely forgettable (TO GILLIAN ON HER 37TH BIRTHDAY, POLISH WEDDING, THE FLOCK) to so gratingly bad/annoying that you wish you could forget them (THE MOD SQUAD, BROKEDOWN PALACE, THE FAMILY STONE), I came to the realization that Claire has exactly two expressions: angst-ridden complete with furrowed brow or anxiety-driven with a fake look of paranoid fear. Even on the red carpet, she gives off this wrapped in plastic feel.

So imagine my discomfort is proclaiming that I find her to be a true beauty. It doesn't make much sense, if I'm supposed to weigh her talents and accomplishments against her appeal as a whole. I was easily able to stomach her in SHOPGIRL (where being angsty and anxious suited that particular character perfectly) and in looking over the pictures I've seen of her, I admire that her style has remained simple and sophisticated for the last 14 years. She's aged, but in a healthy and appetizing way. Sure, she'd be an instant hottie to me without a single doubt if she had more than her barely-there hint of a chest region, but beautiful is beautiful and that's most definitely (in my opinion) what Claire is.

Your turn... do you find Claire Danes to be hot? Pretty? Or (fill-in-the-blank)?

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