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Hot or Not: Christina Ricci

06.03.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I feel vindicated in my love for Rose McGowan after last week's responses let me know that I'm not alone in leaving a puddle of drool on my pillow for her. This week, I'm trying to make it a little bit harder, picking someone that I felt had great potential hotness to her and has since squandered it in the trend of trying to keep up with the Emaciateds.

Christina Ricci

Back in the day, she was just a kid star with funky eyes and a demeanor that spoke beyond her years. It was fitting that she was cast as Cher's youngest daughter in MERMAIDS. As she moved from childhood into that precarious stage of young adulthood, her unique looks matured along with her.

Yet somewhere along the line, I watched as the full bosom shrank down and the hips gave way to hip bones. See, I'm an equal opportunity luster. I don't think you need to be thin or thick or any particular body shape to be hot. Some are just built the way that they're built and what looks hot on one might not work on another. In the end, if you look hot, then you look hot, regardless of the number on your garment tag.

These days, I'm more than a little disturbed with how Christina has moved from young adulthood into that state of limbo right before you turn thirty. She looks older than she is, rather than having her personality be more telling of her age. I just can't get into it any longer, even if she was brave enough to tattoo her breast that close to the nipple.

But enough about my perspective. It's time to listen to yours.

Extra Tidbit: More tattooed boob proof. If you really need it.
Source: IMDB


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