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Hot or Not: Christina Hendricks

11.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you were mostly "ehh..." when it came to Samantha Morton, although it seemed to also be agreed upon that she's a damn fine actress. Her movie, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM had no such quibbles, severely trouncing all of the other movies at the box office with its peripheral Harry Potter association. I'm guessing that it will have a good fight with MOANA this weekend, what with the emphasis being on family during this Thanksgiving holiday and it being Disney (with a little bit of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson unstoppable flavour on top) but I'm more giddy about BAD SANTA 2, which might not be bringing back Lauren Graham's sexy "f*ck me Santa!" moves (you can get your fix of her with the Gilmore Girls reunion episodes on NetFlix starting this Friday though) but it does have this lady, who opinions seem to be differing on in these recent years, so I thought we could give her a whirl now.

Christina Hendricks

My main exposure to Hendricks was from her brief stint on Firefly (because I'm awash with boys who aim to misbehave), so I didn't get the hype when she was appearing on Mad Men because I didn't watch that series until just this year, long after it had wrapped its series finale. And I can see why people were in love with her - Christina in motion, especially on that show as the tough but vulnerable head secretary who works with what she's got to get somewhere other than the bottom, is a magical, jaw-dropping thing. The stylists on that show deserve a shitton of credit for dressing her character so well, putting all the right emphasis on all the right places, because after looking through her before-and-after-MM looks, it's apparent that she does need some window dressing to smooth out the imperfections.

I do like people with those little butt chins, giving them something unique to focus on, but when you look closer at Hendricks, she's also got that one kinda wonky eye that seems forever more dilated than the other. Not that it would be a dealbreaker by itself, but the fluctuating bustline is confounding as well. Looking up images of Christina pre-2000's show that she had a significantly smaller chest, so I can't tell if she had massively oversized implants put in or just happens to come from one of those genetic anomaly families where a bit of weight gain goes into only her tetas. Because the rest of her seems to be fairly well proportioned, with a dip to the waist and a flair to the hips. Perhaps even more confusing in the fact that her face and arms have stayed so thin looking while the rest of her looks inflated.

Where Mad Men and Firefly capitalized on her cooing babydoll voice, working it into the package that sold breathless, Monroe sex appeal, it doesn't seem to help Christina when it comes to other roles. In DRIVE, she seemed out of place and over her head (I haven't seen NEON DEMON, although many people have told me that she did well there). The ill-at-ease way she holds herself for red carpets suggests that she'd love to be doing anything but famous person duty, which shakes that visual appeal. I want to say I love Christina Hendricks for being so womanly and working what she has to build up what could have been nothing more than bit roles as someone's side piece into a status befitting a woman out of her element, but I also get the impression that she really doesn't care about being a woman's woman either, with that stay-away look to her eyes that scares me off. Is Christina Hendricks hot? Both yes and no. She's definitely one of the ones who keeps me coming back for another gander, though.

What do you think of Christina Hendricks?

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