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Hot or Not: Christina Aguilera

07.25.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you weighed in on the hotness of Jada Pinkett-Smith and while 100% of you weren't wowed, the majority seemed to feel that the female half of one of Hollywood's longest lasting A-lister couples was still mighty fine. Taking a look at the new movies getting released this week, THE EMOJI MOVIE features another of those babes who's been around for a bit, changing in the public eye so much that opinions might be a bit jumbled. Let's see if we can sort them out this week.

Christina Aguilera

When Christina was the bottle genie teenage temptress, I found her pretty annoying. Maybe it was that E! True Hollywood Story on her where her mom whined that the kids at school were mean to her because she was talented. I don't know. But early Xtina bugged the shit out of me. When she started to get piercings and boob jobs and leather chaps, I assumed this was the real Christina stepping out and found that I wasn't as put off by her because she'd ditched teasing and was just oozing sexuality, which felt more authentic. She hasn't lost that sauciness since and I've come to appreciate what an absolutely dynamic singer she is.

The mom version of Aguilera made me uncomfortable. I don't know why I figured that she would keep being a tart, eschewing traditional roles and avoiding marriage and kids, but I just did. The pregnant belly pictures were icky. Her music slipped because who really wants to listen to a mom grunt and groan like a porn star between singing goofy lyrics? Well, I'm sure there are plenty who do and while I'm all for avoiding the Madonna/Whore syndrome, there was an aspect of Chrissy that didn't really grow up when she became a MILF, which made her sexuality suddenly feel really creepy rather than seductive.

When her own music career flagged, she became a judge on The Voice and we got a chance to see that she's a fairly nice woman who knows a helluva lot about the industry and what it does to people. I still have trouble reconciling the sex symbol image she tries to simultaneously project while holding out the doting mommy card in her other hand, but I get it. We all struggle to be seen from every angle of our personality, to not be one-note and pigeon-holed. I do wish there was a bit more cohesion in how she represents herself but I dig that she hasn't allowed anyone to drastically change the complicated character that she is. I think she's hotter now than she was then (although those bikini tops & leather chaps times were mighty nice).

What do you think of Christina Aguilera?

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