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Hot or Not: Chloe Bridges

07.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor

This has been a weird summer box office, with the latest PURGE movie doing far better than I expected it to (perhaps because America's current political climate is a horror unto itself?) and lots of love from you guys for its star, Elizabeth Mitchell in her Hot or Not feature last week. Surely there will be someone who can knock FINDING DORY off her wave this week, perhaps the new animated kids movie or even, dare I hope for it, MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES? While the lead ladies in that movie have already been featured in this column before (the very first post we have in Anna Kendrick's file is her HoN feature from 2009), the leading lady in star Adam Devine's life might be a the more prime wedding date choice. Or not. You decide.

Chloe Bridges

Chloe Bridges started her career on a Freddie Prinze Jr sitcom that was a spin-off from that George Lopez sitcom. Because if you're going to start anywhere in the acting business, it's good to start on the very bottom and work your way up. Jokes about FPJ's career aside, Bridges has bounced around a bit in the Disney teen spectrum, with time spent alongside Demi Lovato in CAMP ROCK (I wish I could say that I wish I'd seen it but alas, nope), some other crappy TV movies and a turn on that canceled AnnaSophia Robb butt show, "The Carrie Diaries." Looking up clips from that show doesn't give me a great idea of what she's capable of as an actress because, let's face it, The CW doesn't hire you because of your high thespian quotient.

When I first started seeing a lot of pictures of Bridges pop up was when she was out promoting THE FINAL GIRLS, a straight-to-video horror movie with a great cast (Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Nina Dobrev, Alia Shawkat) and the toe in the door to Devine's heart. What I've noticed is that she has one of those large Kylie Jenner trout pouts, but from looking up old pictures of her, those lips are the real (if wildly oversized) deal. Chloe seems to wear a lot less makeup and be tons less fussy than anyone in that Bratz Doll of a family, with a equally lush but not as obscene posterior. Essentially, her realness only looks fake. Or something.

I want to say that I find Chloe Bridges hot but there's something a little alien about her to me. In the general sense of the term (great body, pretty face, sultry demeanor), she definitely qualifies. The fact that Devine, a rather funny dude, wants to be with her doesn't solve the question either. Just because a dude's funny doesn't mean his taste in women is on the up-and-up. I will say this, a more telling observation than the cursory glance - I'd like to know more about Bridges. She has a come hither quality that transcends her looks, pulling you in like a beacon. In another 5 years, she might just be one of my favorite hotties.

What do you think of Chloe Bridges?

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