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Hot or Not: Cheryl Hines

08.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor

This summer at the box office certainly hasn't been as blockbuster-y as summers past, with recycled material grabbing money and everyone fighting over women as Ghostbusters while they ignored original content from Shane Black. NERVE wasn't a big money grabber, quietly sliding along with a cast full of good actors, including last week's Hot or Not feature, Kimiko Glenn, whom you all seemed to like. As for this week, the people behind NINE LIVES had Batman-sized balls to decide to up against the one feature of the summer that seems like an undisputed fan favorite. Obviously that cast is full of hot women, so let's look at one from the Shaggy Kitty movie instead.

Cheryl Hines

At 50, Cheryl Hines is just beginning to get recognized for the sexy beast that she is. Sure, there are some who will argue that those chompers should have picked someone with a bigger face/head to settle into, but the career that Hines has carved out over the years is something anyone hungry enough to be an actor would want to chew on. "Curb Your Enthusiasm," was just as much known for being Larry David's show as it was hers and later, as the cougar with the brassy blonde hair and bountiful cleavage on "Suburgatory," Cheryl created MILF fantasies for us all.

I've been occasionally tuning into the summer season of game show reboots (revisits?) with celebs from today (who aren't already booked for more important work) reignite the embers of "Celebrity Match Game," "The $25,000 Pyramid" etc, and Hines showing off her goofy out-of-character personality only added to her allure. Heck, she's so irresistible, even one of the Kennedys wanted to get hitched to her. If anyone knows bubbling sensuality, it's a political legacy family. (Man, that sarcasm tasted caustic.)

I like women like Cheryl. Big teeth, booming voice, petite figure with all those curves. She's loud in the way that you can tell will command a room. In the way that makes other PTA moms cringe. Sure, I might not want to be her best buddy but dammit, she's still one incredibly sexy beast.

What do you think of Cheryl Hines?

Source: IMDB


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