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Hot or Not: Chelsea Handler

02.14.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The one thing that this week's Hot or Not featured lady has never been accused of is being a tease. The movie she's in, THIS MEANS WAR, however, is completely a cock tease. That being, there's only going to be a handful of places which will have a single special showing of the flick on Valentine's Day before going wide on Friday the 17th, after they'd advertised the movie's opening date as the 14th. I do not want to have to wrestle down middle-aged cat ladies who've gotten babysitters for their feline brood in order to watch this movie on my dateless Valentine's Day. But I'll take those bitches down if I have to.

Chelsea Handler

I can't remember what it was exactly that took Chelsea Handler from being this semi-funny stand-up to a late-night talk show host to one of the most sought after people in the What White Women Go Crazy For world. With the popularity of "Chelsea Lately" bringing in big stars, most of whom noted feeling comfortable on the small set and charmed by Chelsea's invasive and un-PC questioning (She once referred to Mayim Bialik as a "Super Jew"), not to mention the line of revealing self-inspired memoirs she's written, Handler has gone from an earned obscurity to a comfy place of hustled fame. Which I totally admire her for.

Gaining the highest ratings for an MTV VMA show in nearly 10 years (and doing it as one of the few female hosts the network has hired) helped get Chelsea even more attention. By the time the dust had settled, there was a book being released that she didn't even have to write, a collection of stories about her that friends had written but that the dipshit public bought thinking it was more of Chelsea. Her brand power had definitely proven itself right there.

Now appearing in more movies, starting a TV series based on her memoirs where she plays her sister and Laura Prepon from "That's '70's Show" fame plays Chelsea, and netting photoshoots with everyone from Playboy to Shape to Redbook magazines, I have to wonder if Chelsea is the face only Photoshop could love. Sure, she looks great when they doll her up, but for someone who's barely 36-years old, she definitely looks like a well worked in couch when not computer enhanced. Consider this: Chelsea's senior yearbook picture. Hot? In a sense, I say yes. She's savvy, hard-working and unapologetic about who she is/was. Looks wise, I'm just not that into her.

What do you think of Chelsea Handler?

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