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Hot or Not: Charlotte Le Bon

09.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor

For some, it's just too hard to get past her baby face in order to find Selena Gomez a strong hot contender. For others, she's one of the hottest young women out there right now, baby face or no. What if a new actress reminds you of an actress you're already familiar with? I'm finding this to be the case with one of the stars from this week's release, THE WALK. And no, I don't mean JGL.

Charlotte Le Bon

While she might have been born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Charlotte Le Bon certainly has the poise and delicate features of a women straight out of France. She also happens to remind me a lot of Winona Ryder, in the best of ways. The big brown doe eyes, the playful nature of her movements, all of it screams the early, untainted Ryder of lore.

I haven't seen Charlotte in much as an actress. She's only recently been bouncing around in the acting world, most notably of late in THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY. Suddenly, the former fashion model has a long list of upcoming projects including BASTILLE DAY, co-starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden. This bodes well in terms of her caeer, or even just her potential fans getting a crash course in her hotness.

Charlotte has a face that's striking, even if it's familiar. Her body is fashion model lovely without being intimidating, perhaps due to the Quebec food that she has been quoted saying was mainly meat, potatoes and sauce. She has a darling delivery when on screen (from what little I've seen of her so far) and I get the impression that if she keeps taking on all the work that's offered to her, studios will only want to keep hiring her for more. So yeah, hot.

What do you think of Charlotte Le Bon?

Source: IMDB


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