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Hot or Not: Catherine Keener

06.05.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I was really super tempted to do a Hot or Not on Robert Pattinson this week, partly out of my personal wicked desire to see if I could draw the Twihards to the site and have them spam the crap out of you Schmoes who would have torn apart their dearest Edward. But I figured I'd go with someone else who hasn't appeared to age in the last nearly 30 years. A babe then, a babe now? Let's discuss.

Catherine Keener

PEACE, LOVE AND MISUNDERSTANDING has the unique distinction of featuring two unique cougar beauties that I would love to have a menage with. Call me a weirdo, it won't hurt my feelings, those that declare that Frances McDormand has her sexy hippie moments and that coupling them with Catherine Keener makes me a bit swoony.

With her ability to look like a haggard mother or wife (good examples being WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE or CAPOTE), it makes it that much more delicious to watch Keener get crazy sexy hot in grungy MILF roles like HAMLET 2 or THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN. That voice, those lean, ropy limbs of hers... she reminds me of the '70's and the uncreepy sentiment they had toward "free love." The kind that can't be recaptured in our germ-obsessed current culture. I imagine that she smells like patchouli and weed. And I like those smells.

If it came down to the warmth and genuine nature of her smile and laughter alone, I'd reckon that Catherine Keener were a Hot Babe for the ages. At 53, I don't envision her any less sexy or desirable than when she was just catching her acting stride in her mid-30's. The eyes capture you, the whole package of the woman makes you want to make camp and stay indefinitely.

What do you think of Catherine Keener?

Source: IMDB
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