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Hot or Not: Carey Mulligan

11.14.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I know better than to go diving into the cast of JUSTICE LEAGUE when it comes to picking an actress this week. You have hotness on every level in that movie, from the newer faces to the legendary ones. We're more or less getting showered with DC stuff right now, so let's look to a movie that could win some awards for something other than sound editing or other technical achievements. The Sundance favorite, MUDBOUND, looks good and got a great review from Christopher Bumbray, so let's give it a little boost by featuring its leading lady instead.

Carey Mulligan

Back in 2010, the year that they decided to change the number of nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars, they might have wanted to consider expanding the Best Actress noms as well, since there were so many good ones to choose from (sadly, all better than Sandra Bullock's winning turn in THE BLIND SIDE - love Sandy, still think it wasn't the award-worthy performance of hers). The one I wanted to see win from those 5 was Carey Mulligan, with her precocious turn as a young woman seduced by an older man. That sweet face, those dimples, the way she made a difficult role seem easy, it all was so mesmerizing that she hasn't stopped beguiling me yet.

Much like her talent at acting is so fluid that we forget just how hard it is for her to be that convincing, such in Mulligan's beauty. It's simpler to dismiss her as being a non-traditional beauty or a girl-next-door looker because she isn't all flash and dazzle. But it's her flawless skin, her slender but not emaciated frame, her perfectly proportioned dimensions that don't jut and billow out like those with plastic surgery assists or overly aerobicised frames that make her that much more beautiful. When she was singing in the movie SHAME and the camera hovered on her face, it left me in tears. An angel among us, for sure.

I find Carey Mulligan to be one of the biggest unsung beauties out there, not to mention how little attention she gets for being the caliber actress she's been and continues to become. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that she has big ears that stick out a little too much but that's unnecessary nitpicking that makes me sound like Jason Alexander's character in SHALLOW HAL. Carey is easily one of my top ten favorite current hotties in all of Hollywood. But my tastes rarely match up with others.

What do you think of Carey Mulligan?

Source: IMDB


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