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Hot or Not: Carey Mulligan

11.29.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I really hope what you derived from last week's foray into the male half of the hottie equation is that you needed to give thanks that I spend my time finding prime chicks posing in their undressed best whenever I can. Also, to find some fothermucking appreciation for the fact that there is an opposite sex out there for you to be attracted to you who you might be able to woo and get to return your affections. They need some eye candy too, you selfish little pissants. While I'm tempted to feature the male lead of the movie SHAME because it's the movie that Fass bares his ass and much, much more, I'm going to skew towards the predictable and give you his feminine co-star instead.

Carey Mulligan

Never thought this would be a chick that would get me feeling all feisty for, but as the discussions for the top hotties of 2011 have unfolded behind the scenes, I have found myself more and more in Mulligan's corner. She's a fabulous actress (won a BAFTA for her role in AN EDUCATION and was nominated for the Oscar, as well as being mesmerizing in NEVER LET ME GO) who radiated on the big screen next to Ryan Gosling in DRIVE, completely overshadowing Christina Hendricks' presence in the film, which was hyped while the movie was in production.

Carey is most definitely the cute little sister type, but you know how those little sisters can be. She tends to smirk on the red carpet more than smile, a pity since she has those delightful dimples that make her that much more naturally beautiful. Her body isn't noteworthy but neither is it distractingly anti-girl. She has subtle curves in all the right places and dresses them fashionable yet conservatively most of the time.

I like Mulligan a lot as an actress and I find myself thinking she's a thinking man's hottie in the looks department, There is a great deal of character to her face. You can see her emotions in the slightly bat of her eyes. Because she's so bewitching, I'm firmly in the Hot camp on this one. But my opinion isn't the defining one.

What do you think of Carey Mulligan?

Source: IMDB


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