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Hot or Not: Busy Philipps

04.17.2018by: Cherry Liquor

I decided to touch on Olivia Thirlby last week because not only was she in that Kennedy movie but I'd finally gotten around to checking out Goliath, where she definitely didn't capture my lust but I became completely engrossed in the show and now hate her a little bit because I still don't know when season 2 is going to be available. I'ts not her fault, but I love to find a scapegoat. I also love me the trailer for this week's new release, I FEEL PRETTY, which might be a bad sign, considering that funny trailers rarely lead up to as funny of a full movie. But with this lady in its cast, it might turn out to be the exception to the rule.

Busy Philipps

I know people who claim that their first introduction to Busy was during her drop-in over at Dawson's Creek. I even know people who say that they first remember her in WHITE CHICKS. I tend to hit these people over the head with my special edition copy of Freaks and Geeks and tell them that she'll forever and always be Kim Kelly. She can be other things (I am not guilty to think of WHITE CHICKS as my favorite guilty pleasure) but it was her turn as the dysfunctional but lovable Kim that made me a fan of hers for life.

I've hung around with shows I had no business watching simply because I have always been drawn to Philipps' manic delivery mixed with equal doses of look-you-in-the-eye moments that make you wonder if she's your best friend or your best frenemy. It makes me wonder if this is what has affected her career - no one seems to know exactly what to do with her, which means Busy has jumped around a bunch of thankless semi-regular roles on aging shows, more than a bunch of dead-in-the-water shows and Cougartown, which, for whatever reason, my limbic system seems to be fighting tooth and nail.

I like Busy Philipps as an actress. I've seen some of the charity work she's done over the years and I'm impressed by the kind of person she seems to be off camera. She's maintained a 17-year long friendship with Michelle Williams in an industry that doesn't exactly promote that kind of thing, doesn't have 2 f*cks to give when she admits that she makes more money from monetizing her social media accounts than from acting and hasn't been shy about admitting that her body isn't perfect, embracing her mother-of-two curves. I loved her nearly 20 year ago, I love her now. Too hot to really even be a question for me. How about you?

What do you think of Busy Philipps?

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