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Hot or Not: Bryce Dallas Howard

06.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Judging from the responses (and box office totals last week, SPY star Morena Baccarin is still one of the hottest pieces of tail in the galaxy. Now, if I could have gotten away with making this a Hot or Not on Chris Pratt this week and then spent the entire article fawning over his cool, hip, hot self, I would have. But you fellas seem to prefer when I talk about the ladies. So let's queue up his JURASSIC WORLD co-star instead.

Bryce Dallas Howard

True redheads are a difficult matter. Many of the women in Hollywood that people refer to as being redheads aren't naturally so, making their aging seem more graceful and their features seem less harsh. Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of director/actor Ron Howard, is a born redhead. It means sometimes she can take an awesome picture and other times she might look a bit more worn, a tad more drawn out. Nothing bad, just far more realistic than the other women who don't have to sweat covering up freckles.

Bryce can look positively gorgeous, even when she's bleached her hair blonde and taken on the role of Gwen Stacy. Then there are times when she's not as preoccupied with beauty standards, concentrating more on the authenticity of her roles. That's when she can have a bit of a wide-eyed alien look to her. Although we might want to blame the guy who believes in water monsters for that one.

I find Bryce Dallas Howard extremely sexy, if not the first person I think of when it comes to redheaded hotness (that's all Jessica Chastain). I love that she's smart, fierce and unafraid of the roles she takes, even if that strength comes from knowing she's got nepotism on her side when it comes to Hollywood casting.

What do you think of Bryce Dallas Howard?

Source: IMDB


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