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Hot or Not: Britt Robertson

04.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The majority of you are wild for Ronda Rousey (the box office take for FURIOUS 7 proves you're wild for the movie too). This week, as a way of decompressing from that masculine ride, the studios are bringing us yet another Nicholas Sparks adapted book because women be trippin' for that shit. Here's the star of THE LONGEST RIDE, which seems an apropos name seeing as how whenever I am forced to watch a Sparks film, it goes on for-ev-ah.

Britt Robertson

Robertson has been kicking around for awhile, starting off as a teen star in mostly canceled (but not terrible) shows such as "Life Unexpected" and "The Secret Circle." I'm familiar with seeing her as a younger girl and I'm not all that enthusiastic to watch her turn into a sexy drippy romance maven.

Britt, who originally started off as Brittany and then thought the better of being just another one of those named gals, is strong on her horror angle, appearing in low budget slashers and the big budget return-to-the-series installment of SCREAM 4. I like Robertson as an actress, she's well equipped to deliver lines with those big eyes of hers, drawing you in to whatever bullshit she's trying to sell.

The biggest problem I have here is that even though she's just a week and a couple days shy of turning 25, she still looks like a pre-teen to me. That'll bode well for the longevity of her career if she can keep picking up roles but for now, I find it unappealing in terms of deeming her hot. She's cute, she's got babe potential once she starts looking her age, but for now, just not "hot" status for me.

What do you think of Britt Robertson?

Source: IMDB


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