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Hot or Not: Bradley Cooper

11.20.2012by: Cherry Liquor

From the smart minds of people that I admire, I've heard good things about SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. People are even whispering that there's a possibility that its lead will get an Oscar nomination. I think, wow, she already had an Oscar nom, what's the big deal. Then I realize they're not talking about Jennifer Lawrence and I shudder to think. Because, you see, this week's Hot or Not is someone that just, well... I'll explain below.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper might be well known from playing douchy dickheads but I have to tell you, it's most likely because he looks like exactly that. I know, I know, Hollywood loves the All-American boy-next-door look but let me tell you, every dude I've ever met who looks like Cooper doesn't conjure to mind "wholesome" in my head. It makes me think that he's a dipshit redneck in a suit who votes red and that just turns me cold instantaneously.

So, the acting. Being that I'm a big fan of the cult WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, yes, I know that Bradley was in it, perhaps gaining most of his acting notice from being around cooler, more hipster savvy names. For the record, I'm not a fan of WEDDING CRASHERS, even if it did have Rachel McAdams in it (the only reason why I checked it out since the Doughboy Vaughn dries me up like the Sahara) and found the first HANGOVER to be barely funny, mostly gross at best. I will give him credit only where I can (don't ask me to consider his television work, lest I remind you once again that I don't do much TV) and that's as Face in THE A-TEAM movie, seeing as how the character is an obnoxious, self-centered, conceited jackwad, he definitely nailed the acting and the looks there.

If I really need to bang me an All-American blue-eyed blonde man, give me Ryan Gosling any damn day of the week. He's handsome, has kind eyes, is a humanitarian and his acting range is wide the f*ck open. Bradley Cooper is a box full of ghost farts. (Packing peanuts, for those who aren't familiar with the other term.) He fills space and keeps the more important part afloat. If his popularity got SLP made, therefore creating another opportunity to drool over Jennifer Lawrence, then so be it. But as a woman, frankly, I don't do the "Oooooh... shiny!" thing for filler material.

What do you think of Bradley Cooper?

Extra Tidbit: I really hope I don't need to remind you that this is (American) Thanksgiving week and I have traditionally chosen to go the male route that week. For my diehards, you'll remember this. For any new people who think it's a chance to comment on "Why is it a dude???" Well... deal with it.
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