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Hot or Not: Blake Lively

10.13.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Since she's just a favorite of mine and even though I would give her a 100% rating of complete and total babeage, she also happens to be starring in a segment of the collaboration movie NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU, so it's giving me even more reason to pour over all the images available of her on the internet. Which in general makes me happy. But tell me what you think about...

Blake Lively

I really liked Blake in the first SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS, back when I had no clue who she was and just liked that she had the fun jock character who wasn't afraid to plunge head first into life, even if it was propelled for the wrong reasons. I didn't think that I'd like the movie when I watched it and ended up being a big enough fan to turn out at the box office for the sequel, based mainly on the appeal of seeing Lively again.

More recently Blake has picked up steam with the people in the know because of her turn on the CW's "Gossip Girl," a show that I have constantly been typing the name of but still have yet to ever watch even a minute of a single episode of. There seems to be Blake and Meester for the hotness and a bunch of overly metro looking young men who make me cringe so hard at their effeminate looks that I think I'm going to start my period when I look at them.

There hasn't been a big boom of movies that she's been in (she has a cute little cameo in the weird horror flick SIMON SAYS, best for Crispin Glover) but she's the daughter of actor Ernie Lively (who played her father in the SISTERHOOD movies) and the sister to 4 other acting siblings, including Robyn Lively, best known for the late '80's gem TEEN WITCH. So Lively definitely comes from good stock. She's always fresh faced on the carpet and doesn't have an emaciated body or a sour look on her face. (Have you ever seen another actress smile more for promotional deals?)

But enough from me... tell me your opinion of Blake Lively.

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