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Hot or Not: Billie Lourd

10.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Most of you were very much on board when it came to the hotness of Fear the Walking Dead star, Alycia Debnam-Carey, although there was one person who pointed out that she looked a little dead behind the eyes. One of my favorite characters in recent television comes from the show Scream Queens and while we have yet to figure out whether or not she's going to be literally dead this season, her personality is definitely one breathe above flat-lining, in the most hysterical and charming of ways. So, since there aren't any babes in this weekend's new releases for me to pluck and place here, I'm going to the small screen for the assist.

Billie Lourd

It took me more than a hot minute to figure out what everyone else knew before me, that Billie Lourd is the only child of Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher. I was well into watching the show, eating up Lourd's performance as the husky voiced, deadpan, earmuff-wearing sorority girl, Chanel #3. You can't blame me, as she barely resembles her mother, aside from a little bit around the eyes, and I sort of love the fact that she doesn't. I considered her to be one of the up-and-coming hotties of 2015, although I was rousingly knocked for making that choice, so I'm putting her on the hot seat here to get a more in-depth response.

Because I'm rather enchanted with her personality (don't forget all those times she was caught groping & grinding on co-star Keke Palmer), when I take a hard look at her outer appearance, I can see positives and negatives. Her lips are a bit thin but she's never sparse with the smiles when off-camera, a rare trait amongst her contemporaries. She has a minimal chest but some outstanding legs and an insane waist to hips ratio that she really should show off more. Honestly, other than those thin lips, which work to her advantage when making those dour Chanel #3 faces, I find the rest of the package well worth it.

I gotta admit that my taste can run hot and cold with different women I've featured here, with some ranking lower than the general consensus opinion, but I'm good with it. I like ladies who have some character and while it would be easy to say that Billie is all character, I am tickled with all the way through. Give her a few more years and we might just get a gold bikini moment that will have everyone seeing things my way, that Billie Lourd is a total babe.

What do you think of Billie Lourd?

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