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Hot or Not: Beyonce

12.02.2008by: Cherry Liquor

So, if I'm up to speed, asking if Heather Graham was hot or not was a stupid question. Sometimes you've got to question the obvious. I will admit that there are some women out there whom I've been told by popular media to concede to their hotness without question and I've complied. But sometimes you've just got to ask. Because sometimes I really feel like I'm missing out on the hype.


With her starring in such Oscar hyped movies as CADILLAC RECORDS and DREAMGIRLS from a couple of years ago, we're all supposed to forget about the girl whose dad wanted her to be known as a mono-monikered singer and accept that she's now Beyonce Knowles, the actress. Ahem... when you can play something other than a singer, I might be apt to believe you, until then, you're a darker skinned Jessica Simpson.

Seriously, even Whitney Houston stepped out of the singer shoes when she went into acting. Beyonce's been a singer in all of the 6 movies that she's been in thus far. (In GOLDMEMBER, while I don't want to have to remember that, I know she was supposed to be a "spy" who could sing, but eh... same difference. And next year in 2009, she'll be doing the tortured wife of a wealthy and influential man in OBSESSED.) I'm also not all that big of a fan of her music, finding that the best of it comes from having a boyfriend (now husband) who created good musical hooks for it and not because she had all that great of a voice.

But the question isn't if she can or can't act and it's certainly not about the quality of her music. The question is whether or not Beyonce is a hot woman. Dressed up, photographed with the right amount of added Photoshop help, I might be apt to say yes. But when she's on the red carpet looking natural lately, I can't say that I would want to put my penis, should I ever grow one, in her.

What are your thoughts on Miss Fierce?

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