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Hot or Not: Beverly D'Angelo

12.25.2012by: Cherry Liquor

As I've been tracking some of the GetGlue habits of my fellow co-writers and various schmoes, I've come to see that even though it might not have been as funny as the first VACATION movie, the CHRISTMAS VACATION installment is still a popular fixture amongst many of our age groups. So let's look at one of the sexiest MILFs to ever get our bells a'jingling.

Beverly D'Angelo

I don't think that I can remember Beverly D'Angelo in many other projects during her younger years other than the VACATION movies. I liked how she was this supportive wife who seemed eager to please her husband sexually but didn't just put up with anything. Sharp and wide-eyed, while she at times came off like she was riding the Zoloft train, she definitely managed to hold her own with her nutso family.

Many years later there was a commercial for whatever they were selling that reunited D'Angelo with Chevy Chase as the two reprised their Griswold personas, marking how little Beverly had aged (never mind if it was with the help of plastic surgery) and how much Chevy had. Back in the early years, Chevy Chase was one sexy '70's dude. Now he looks just like my dad. And that just makes me feel creepier than creepy.

Turns out Beverly has still been working in roles that haven't had her showering in some European hotel or getting hit on my Wayne Newton. Besides her cameo in the second HAROLD & KUMAR movie where she played the brothel madame, D'Angelo has brought her husky voiced, big breasted hotness to the cast of "Cougartown." While she might have had a lot of work done, she most certainly doesn't look all that bad when you really put your mind to it.

What do you think of Beverly D'Angelo?

Source: IMDB


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