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Hot or Not: Beth Behrs

09.24.2013by: Cherry Liquor

If only the "cool" shows were to win awards, then that would make everyone who watched television or movies cool, right? I've been thinking about that since Sunday, when most of my friends started going ballistic over "Breaking Bad" not winning more Emmys. I had believed that the intrinsic quality to being cooler than others was to have what you loved go unrecognized. Oh, and that you should hate on anything popular. Since I'm sooooo not cool, let's check out this week's Hot or Not selection from this week's television season premieres of a show that most of the "cool" people said wouldn't/shouldn't last one season and is now on its third.

Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs has to be the most unfortunate woman on the planet. She's blonde, she's long-legged, she's white, she's everything that is supposedly be dismissed for being too commonplace. The funny part is that I forget when blondes with blue eyes became a dominant breed amongst us humans. I get it, this is the uniform of what represents "America" somehow, even though when I went to school, I was the only blonde there.

I'm going to say something that will perhaps cause most of you to retch. I LIKE "2 Broke Girls." I wanted to fight it. I used to declare that the only reason why I watched the show was for Kat Dennings' cleavage. Thing is, as I continued to watch one episode, I just kept watching more. Because it was funny enough that I couldn't give up all hope on the show. Because Behrs managed to somehow win my heart as I continued to watch (as well as the other characters around the leads, the diversity on the show is a breath of fresh air, played out stereotypes and all). She's got impeccable timing, does not drop character and the camaraderie between her and Dennings is awesome. Oh, and the show's extra funny if you get baked and watch it.

Behrs might have a smile that stretches a bit too wide but it's an honest smile. A happy smile that is rare in her circle of colleagues. She's surprisingly short (5'5" is what her resume lists her at but she plays out being a tall socialite type that it still shocks me when I double-triple check her stats) but has legs that look as if they make up 2/3rds of her body. Dennings loves her and the pair have been seen actually enjoying one another's company (which is hard to fake for most chicks). Frankly, I really like Beth Behrs even if the only other thing I can remember is her voice-over from MONSTERS UNIVERSITY. I vote hot, cool and totally awesome.

What do you think of Beth Behrs?

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