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Hot or Not: Becky G

03.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I honestly thought that there would be more naysayers last week over Demi Lovato, what with some people commenting on various social media sites about her being overrated, amongst other superficial bullshit appearance comments. But you guys were pretty happy about Demi, giving her a solid 100% rating. Then again, we may never know if some naysayers just didn't want to jump hoops for a comment. (I have no control over the ad stuff. I wish I were enough for you to overcome all obstacles to get to me! I feel so unworthy. *sniff*) This week I'm bizarrely overexcited for POWER RANGERS, even though I never was heavily into the show, which was my baby sister's gig, but I do remember taking her to 1993 version and have plans to revisit that childhood moment when the film drops this week. And since I was never pretty in pink, how about a little yellow action?

Becky G

The first time I noticed Becky G, she really made an impact on me. Appearing on the Fox show Empire, Becky had those adorable gap teeth, the kind of sass that a young JoJo would have wet her pants to achieve and a voice that was above being some minor character in a brief Fox soap opera moment. I immediately searched her name, her music (pop garbage for the most part but damn can the girl sing) and wasn't surprised in the least when her name popped up during the announcement regarding the filming of POWER RANGERS.

Becky looks like the kind of girl I went to school with. The same girl walking to high school in my town right now, with an attitude that defies their short stature and a carriage that suggests you will never meet her on her level. Becky comes off cocky, sharp-witted and savage while still having this feminine softness running beneath the surface. She's built like a brick duplex, a smaller version with dimensions that definitely do not come off influenced by anyone in the industry pushing her to conform. She lacks abs in her candid bikini shots but also busts out of tank tops that she sexily wears under flannels. Call me a sucker for the throwback to grunge (or the gangbanger girlfriend look), it works on her in ways that a Taylor Swift could never pull off.

Yeah, I love me some Becky G. She's cute, she's funny, she's talented, she's a hustler masterminding her own game (she kept posting videos of herself covering other people's songs until someone noticed) and I not only would love to get with her conflicted Yellow Ranger self but I would kill to hang out with her and listen to the tales she could tell. And I know she's got tales.

What do you think of Becky G?

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